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Own just a portion of a yacht and receive time onboard in return. These vessels are fully managed by our team and is perfect for busy individuals who don't have time to maintain a yacht or deal with the responsibilities of ownership.

Fractional Ownership vs. Sole Ownership

The Smartest Way to Own a Yacht

There are many different scenarios that can lead to having your yacht into our Yacht Management Program. Owners join our program knowing that their yacht will be meticulously maintained and managed by professional people who care for their boat and value their time.

  • YACHT Solutions agrees to market and maintain the yacht and manage all aspects of user activity.

  • Select seasonal members are the only people accessing your boat in our Fractional Program.

  • The owner receives a 9% guaranteed annual revenue based on the value of their boat.

  • The owner does not pay for any fixed costs including dockage, insurance, maintenance, cleanings and storage

  • YACHT Solutions will work with each owner to develop a personalized usage and revenue plan.

  • The boat is located nearby where you can access it easily and frequently.
    • Owners are paid monthly which more than covers their loan payment should they decide to finance.


    • Typically, owners put 20 – 25% down and finance the rest through a financial institution which we can help arrange. The loan amortization is 15 years with a 5-year term. At the time of writing the lending rate was 5.99% OAC.


    • You purchase a boat and do not pay GST or PST as we are collecting it on member revenue.


  • You can write off the interest on the loan against your personal income and depreciate the boat 15% per year on a declining basis.

We offer a program that saves money, time and enhances ones lifestyle. Your yacht is impeccably maintained plus you can plan to use as much of your boat as you need. Each year we sit down with you and customize the yacht business to align with your revenue and boat access ideals. Each seasonal member in our program is screened thoroughly and trained in the operation of the yacht with the required licenses.

The income you earn from will significantly contribute towards the mortgage and there are not many investments that will guarantee you a 9% return. This program will allow you the freedom to purchase a new yacht while providing an opportunity for it to operate as a business. You as the owner generate a nice passive income where you can literally make your new yacht pay for itself, while you enjoy using it without any of the day-to-day responsibilities. The YACHT Solutions program delivers the benefits of yacht ownership while eliminating many of the hassles.

Yacht Solutions has been managing yachts for over 12 years in the GTA. Our powerboat fleet is comprised of new Schaefer Yachts in the Great Lakes and some migrate south to Florida in the winter. The Toronto base is the Outer Harbour Marina Toronto just off Leslie Street south of Lakeshore Road.

As a Schaefer Yachts Dealership, the YACHT Solutions team includes year-round office staff, cleaning, maintenance, training and crew members to facilitate a comprehensive yacht management program. We service what we sell and provide a concierge service to our yacht owners and seasonal members. Ours is not a charter operation, but rather an exclusive service for yacht owners and boating enthusiasts. We know each of our yachts firsthand and oversee our yacht operations personally seven days a week. The ‘personal touch’ is one factor in our success that has assured our boat owners and members, that our staff has consistently delivered quality service over the years.

Available Models

It's as Easy as 1-2-3


In order to better understand how our programs can work for you, we like to start with an exploratory conversation.
We will ask about things you would like to be able to do, place you would like to visit, activities of interest and more.


We process the information form our conversation and introduce you to some boats and programs that we feel best suit you.​
You will then be able to appreciate and understand the benefits and process to get you to your dream yacht.


When you like what you see, we propose an ownership and yachting program that is right for you based on everything we have discussed.​

Whether you are a first time buyer or experienced owner, the program will be Specifically Designed For You.


Don't wait Any Longer

Make this your best summer ever and start boating now! You do not want to miss another year of making lifelong memories with the important people in your life, like friends and family.

Many clients like you sign up in the fall because of the savings and added time to plan and prepare for next season.

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