Mission, Vision & Team

Our Mission

YACHT Solutions strives to create memorable experiences on the water. We love to introduce people to yachting and provide fully customized options to boating enthusiasts through fractional yachting, rewarding ownership programs and more! We look forward to being of service!

Our Vision

Yacht Sales & Service complimented with Yacht Management is our focus. We are progressive in how we go to market, and how we offer real-life solutions for boaters and boating enthusiasts. Our Programs are unique, making yachting more affordable and enjoyable. We pride ourselves in our high service level and the quality of products we provide. Staying abreast of trends, embracing technology, while conscious of environmental concerns and giving back to society is our vision. We aim to provide a service for our clients at the highest level while creating meaningful strategic relationships with our industry partners. The ‘Kaizen’ philosophy of constant improvement of our operations and the customer experience is deeply entrenched in our culture.

Our Team

Our knowledgeable staff has an unsurpassed knowledge of the industry. Our team attends several yacht shows all over the world each year, inspecting new vessels first-hand and bringing new products, destinations and practices back to share with you. Our team is made up of experienced yacht crew, not just advisors. We can give you unparalleled advice and recommendations based on experience, industry knowledge, and instinct. Clients can expect friendly, expert, unbiased advice to put you in the right program or vessel based on your specific needs.

Why Choose Our Team?

1.  What we provide is a completely FREE service and we offer customer loyalty promotions

2.  We provide friendly, expert, unbiased advice throughout the process

3.  We attend yacht shows and inspect yachts first-hand

4.  Knowledge of destinations, marinas and local gems

5.  We do in-depth research and ask questions on your behalf

6.  We have an unsurpassed knowledge of the industry

7.  Our expertise in the necessary forms, documents and contracts avoids disappointments

8.  We act on your behalf in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong

9.  We are an experienced boat crew, not just advisors

10.  YACHT Solutions maintains an extensive library of cruising resources for our clients