Behold the Schaefer 510 GTS. Starting with Schaefer’s 25-years of quality craftsmanship and culminating with the impeccable design team, the Schaefer 510 GTS boasts the tour de force of luxury and style.

Featuring a bold but elegant look with its aesthetically modernistic lines and the detailed attention given to the innovative and ergonomic use of space, the Schaefer 510 GTS redefines superiority. Combine these qualities with the performance initiated by the expert design of Schaefer’s naval engineering team and you have the definition of a well-groomed thoroughbred. 

Starting at $1,319,423 USD




Max. Length:
Max. Beam:
Max. Draft:
Dry Weight:

51′ 11″ (15.82 m)
14′ 4″ (4.36 m)
4′ 2″ (1.26 m)
40,344 lbs (18,300 kg)

Fresh Water Capacity:
Fuel Capacity:
Max. Clearance:
Passenger Capacity (day):
Passenger Capacity (night):

470 L (124 Gal)
1300 L (343 Gal)
16′ 3″ (4.95 m)***
6 + 1
Marcio Schaefer

*** Count extra 5’ for clearance when passing under bridges.



With one of the biggest machining equipment of the Americas, Schaefer Yachts CNC guarantees the accuracy in the production of all parts involved in the project.

All parts are produced by a vacuum infusion process resulting in lightweight and sturdy vessels that provide a more comfortable, safe and economical journey.

With its own in-house woodwork, Schaefer Yachts found the solution to bring the finish and refinement desired in our boats.

‣    Vacuum Infusion

‣    Isophthalic Polyester Resin

‣    Skin Coat in Vinyl Ester Resin

‣    GRP with PVC Foam-Cored Hull, Deck and Superstructure

‣    Structural Chassis with Girder and Floor Plate

‣    Retractable Electric Hardtop

‣    Glass Windshield with Wipers

‣    Sofa Upholstered in Nautical Leather

‣    Wooden Table with Coasters

‣    32″ LED TV with Blu-Ray Player

‣    12V Courtesy Lights

‣    Teak Floor

‣    Sound System with Home Theatre

‣    Balcony with Hydraulic Opening

‣    Leather Captain’s Chair

‣    Dashboard in Leather

‣    Engine Control Display

‣    Control of Interior and Navigation Lights

‣    Control of Pumps and Ventilation of Engine Room

‣    Control of Winch and Wipers

‣    Electric Window

‣    Horn

‣    Compass

‣    Stainless Steel Rail

‣    Sunbathing Cushion

‣    Winch Control

‣    Platform in Teak

‣    Gourmet Area with Grill, Sink and Faucet

‣    Storage Area Beneath Gourmet Centre

‣    Built-In Stainless Steel Ladder wth Hand Grip

‣    Shower with Hot and Cold Water

‣    2 Built-In Coolers

‣    Sound System with 2 Speakers

‣    Furniture with Shelves and Drawers

‣    Stainless Steel Stairs with Wooden Steps

‣    Filler Cushion for Bed Conversion

‣    Sofa

‣    Dining Table

‣    12V LED Courtesy Lights

‣    USB Outlets

‣    Ventilation Porthole

‣    Oven with Microwave

‣    2 Refrigerators

‣    Silestone® Countertop with Sink and Faucet

‣   Receptacle

‣    2 Burner Electric Cooktop

‣    Storage Below Sink with Drawers

Master Suite

‣    32″ LED TV with Blu-Ray Player

‣    Double Bed

‣    2 Bedside Tables

‣    Sofa

‣    Cabinets with Shelves and Drawers

‣    Electric Toilet

‣    Air Conditioning

‣    Carpet

VIP Suite

‣    Double Bed

‣    Cabinets with Shelves

‣    Air Conditioning

‣    Electric Toilet

‣    Carpet

Starboard Cabin

‣    Twin Bed with Filler Cushion for Double Bed

‣    Cabinets with Shelves

‣    Air Conditioning

‣    Electric Toilet

‣    Carpet

Crew Cabin

‣    Single Bed

‣    Electric Toilet

‣    Air Conditioning


‣    Dimmable 12V LED Lights

Mooring System

‣    6 Stainless Steel Cleats

‣    1500W Windlass with Remote Control

‣    44lbs Anchor with 164′ of Chain

Power Supply

‣    11.5 kW Generator

‣    50-Amp Inlet

Air Conditioning System

‣    Controls in Salon and Suites

‣    32,000 BTU in Salon

‣    12,000 BTU in Master Suite

‣    10,000 BTU in VIP Suite

‣    6,000 BTU in Starboard Suite

‣    Crew Cabin Shared with Salon

Bilge Pump System

‣    1 x 3700 GPH 12V Electric Bilge Pump

‣    2 x 2000 GPH 12V Electric Bilge Pump

‣    1 x 500 GPH 12V Electric Bilge Pump

‣    Flood Alarm System


‣    2 x 150Ah 12V DC Batteries for Engines
(1 battery per engine, parallel system)

‣    3 x 150Ah 12V DC Batteries for Service

‣    1 x 220Ah 12V DC Batteries for Winch

‣    1 x 105Ah 12V DC Batteries for Sound System

‣    1 x 220Ah 12V DC Batteries for Generator

‣    30Ah 12V Battery Charger for Sound System

‣    80Ah 12V Battery Charger for Winch and Service

Other Equipment

‣    50/60Ah Galvanic Isolator

‣    Soundproofing

‣    Exhaust Fans

‣    Electric Trim Tabs

‣    Hot Water System



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